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store where posers go to dress "punk" posers trying to conform in nonconformity
hey i have that same shirt from hot topic, it's so punk isn't it?
by misbhaven July 29, 2003
Hot Topic is an online and real store. Anyone can shop there. Its not making a statment or being a rebel. I bought a few things from there because I like them. I'm not goth, I like what i like and don't know how to classify myself I usually listen to like emo, screamo, metal and rock. Hot topic was made by GAP! Don't categorize people who buy stuff there as goth and what not because I would not say i'm goth. It's got cool band t-shirts and not everything is that expensive, depending on when it came out.
Girl: Oh look at that guy coming out of Hot Topic, he is so goth, just look at all his bags.
Boy: Yeah I know

"Goth chick": Oh look at that girl, she only has a little bag ... What a poseur
"Goth Guy": I know eh, she just wishes she was like this
by innocently-emo-girl:'( November 06, 2006
(hot topic-but as one word-hottopic)an extremely beautiful individual.one who is marked by flawless craftsmanship,or beautiful,ingenious,delicate,or elaborate execution.one who is pleasing through beauty,fitness,or perfection.
i get asked out on dates alot because the men see that im a hottopic!

by tylena June 30, 2006
Ok i understand that people shop there and theyre diffrent and unique n all that but thats takin it a LITTLE to far ! You can have a sucky life and parents that arent there for you and stuff but that doesnt mean that u have to wear all black n black eyeliner covering up your whole face ! thats beyond stupid... !
Hey Guys i jus shopped @ Hot topic ! Guess what i got ? Some more black eyeliner, sum goth lookin pants and a black shirt that doesnt even fit me right !! i just where this beacuse im a wanna b ! i wanna be lyk the people in the bands !
by SexxiSamJO4life August 11, 2005
A store where people, often with very low self-esteem levels, shop because they feel that the negative attention they get is gratifying to them.
hey, noone likes us, let's go hang out at Hot Topic so we can dress like white trash.
by CRACKER February 14, 2004
a place where all the buttrockers shop
little 12/13/14/15 year olds think they are hardcore punk rockers and shop at hot topic, but little do they know that its for posers and all the clothes are for dumbasses who think napolean dynomite and sponge bob is COOL!
by ihatebuttrockers March 19, 2006
A totally amazing song by Kathleen Hanna.
Hot topic is the way that we rhyme, Hot Topic is the way that we rhyme.
by Gitsie Poppyflower September 16, 2005