A store for freaks, goths, emos, punks, losers, and rejects where they can buy wierd looking clone clothing just to be different. Which is ironic because everyone who wears their clothes look practically the same. They don't shop at normal stores becausse they are "preppy" and "overprice." Well, Hot Topic has some overpriced items as well. And they also joke on Hollister because it's dark, feels like a cave, and has loud music. Sounds a bit like hot topic to me. So all the freaks that wanna be different are actually being the same. What's wrong with trying to fit in as long as you stay who you really are.
(Weirdo goth kid speaking) - I'm an outcast because i'm weird, so now I have no choice but to shop at Hot Topic because they are my last resort....COME INTO MY SOUL SATAN!
by Justin714 September 08, 2006
Hot topic is a store that sells so called "punk", "emo", and "goth" clothes. It is owned by the same company as Abercrombie and Fitch, a store with the opposite style (preppy). Both stores are very over priced. Poseurs are obsessed with the store. Real punks probably don't waste their money and rip their clothes themselves.
Rich kids shop at hot topic.
by idontshoptheremuch June 30, 2006
a "punk" clothing store. the cds they sell are pretty good. they support alot of stuff that isn't too mainstream. they could do better though. the store is what you could call a sell-out, but if you're looking for the media punk rock clothing, here it is.

i remember going there in 2000 and it was awesome. then now, if i walk in there, 2005, you see hello kitty, carebears, and random things in there that shouldn't be there. i've heard so called-punk kids go in saying "man there are so many fucking preps in here now." well, if they were really "punk rockers" they wouldn't go shop at hot topic and spend their parent's money. poseurs.
dude that goth kid only shops at hot topic.
by my shot heart January 07, 2005
People who were denied to hang out with the cool kids shop here. If you're looking for a pre-worn pair of fishnet thongs, look no further.
Hot Topic should start selling guns and Pro-Suicide stickers to rid the world of asshats.
by Mat Brooks October 18, 2004
a place of pure touchure and choas they arent afraid to snap a rubber band across ur ass for buying gay music....hot topic is also known as posers'R'us..the only thing cool about hot topic is the ppl that work there who arent afriad to kick ur ass for saying good charlotte is punk..and also they carry some good-ish music..and band shirts are cool too..but as for the carebears and the matching "goth/punk" outfits fuck off and find some real clothes wannabes...
Poser:like omg racheal see my simple plan button i got from hot topic im like so punk rock now..

acceptable person: even though it came from hot topic my ramones shirt is cool.
by Kyla March 15, 2004
It's A Store where people shop and to be honest I'm a complete prep but i think its a bunch of bull shit that all of these people are saying that hot topic is for posers!! just because you shop at one store doesnt make you a poser......so shut the fuck up!! and dont tell me to shut up cuz i dont shop there i like my stores(AE and AF) but who gives a fuck shopping at a certain store doesnt make you a poser!!!
Hot Topic is the only store that has my simple plan shirts!!!!!!!!! damn i love simple plan!!!
by SaMi P February 04, 2004
Hot Topic is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol HOTT.

fuck the coporate world but be a day trader and buy some stock in mall stores
See contradiction,
Oh dude i made a huge killing in the market off of little kids trying to dress to fit in by wearing clothes saying they dont want to fit in
by alyx January 14, 2004

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