A retail chain store that focuses on the "dark rock?" subculture (at this point I don't know who Hot Topics core demographic is), like how Hollister focuses on the "surfing" subculture.

All in all not a bad store, prices are normally low, and I got this kick ass Iron Maiden shirt there for $10

But the employees can be a pain in the ass, always trying to sell you more stuff!

Probably the worst part of Hot Topic stores is that a good portion of the shoppers are idiots who think they're being induvidual by shopping at a chain store (which has a revenue of $761 million, how punk) and think they're being even more unique by wearing t-shirts of "obscure" bands like Slipknot (They were 2nd on the billboard charts, how underground) and ICP (who are a fucking franchise now, seriously they sell energy drinks)

But overall it's just like every other chain store, but it's a bit cheaper which is nice
(Example of overselling of Hot Topic employees)

Employe: Ok...hey can I interest you in the new Drake CD

Me: no...I just spent $10 here, fuck off

(example of stupid Mall Goths)

Mall Goth: I'm so original look at my slipknot shirt, no posers know about slipknot, they're so heavy and metal

Me: *slaps him* Bitch go buy a fucking Nile CD
by CodyCoyote July 21, 2010
A place for people who dont know jack shit about music (or any fucking thing for that matter) to shop. If you see a women walking around with a hot topic bag it usually means they have a low I.Q. and are easy. If you see a guy with a hot topic bag you should stop what you are doing and proceed to kick the living shit out of that guy.
Example 1

Person 1: "Nice DK shirt, where you score that shirt, at the record store?"

Person 2: "Na bro, got this shit at hot topic, cha"

Person 1: "fag"

Example 2

Person 1: "check out that chick......shes got a hot topic bag"

Person 2: "Slut"
by robsayfuckthesystem December 03, 2008
A clothing store located in your nearest crappy mall. It has nothing to do with rebelling or being "original." I shop at Hot Topic because I love music. Not because I'm a "goth/emo" who's trying to rebel against socitey. The store motto is "All about the music" and I want a T-shirt with my favorite band on it, thanks. But when I go to the mall I go to Hot Topic, American Eagle, Aeropostle, and Hollister. And if that makes me a poser or whatever the crap you want to call it then hey I'll say it, "I'M A POSER!" It's a store. Just like American Eagle or Hollister or any other "preppy store." A way to waste your money on clothes that you'll only wear for two months because after three you're daddy will have to buy you a knew one becase "OMG, this shirt so old. It's so last season. I just don't think I can bare to wear it anymore!"
"Hey, let's go to Hot Topic or any other store in the mall and spend all our money on clothes we'll never wear" *skips away merrily*
by HNB January 08, 2008
A store, which sells alot of crap but sometimes some good CDs.
It's a biased company which promotes anarchy and punk rock and some mindless kiddies do actually buy into it.
If you are true punk rock,you'll probably hate the store but might be tempted by the old Black Flag records.
Hot Topic isn't punk rock: DIY is punk rock,living for yourself is punk rock,Minor Threat were punk rock.
Hot Topic is a corporate vulture who breeds off stupid 13 year olds who couldn't tell Jello Biafra from Johhny Rotten.
But sometimes they do have some sweet tees..so it's not all bad.
However, capatalism and punk rock should never,ever have come together...but they have,get over it.
AvrilLavigneFan: OMG,look at this kewl Anarchy badge. Woohoo,I think I'll wear it to sunday school!
PunkyGuy:Urghh....Hot Topic is so mass market and shitty.
Me: Wow...they have the whole Dischord back catolouge in here"
by bandanasarerad November 16, 2006
a poser store, nonetheless. It attempts to sell the "punk look" which is stupid, mainly because there is no "punk look" and the "punk look" they try to sell is the bastardized punk look from bands from the sex pistols and onward. If you shop there and give them the sales, then you are giving in to the fucks and are a poser.
poser: "Im being myself by shopping here"
me: "no you arent you're giving into corporate america and even if youre buying bands that are good you're still a poser for giving into a place that gives a wrong idea of what punk is."
poser: "come on, hot topic is just a store"
me: "Hitler was just a person, you know"
by captain atheism June 26, 2006
The Anti-Abercrombie, one of the best places to shop, a great place to learn new things, and the best fucking place in the world.
"Most of what I have learned, has come from Hot Topic,"
"Man, get a life,"
"Why don't you, asshole?"
by Skwearl November 17, 2005
People who were denied to hang out with the cool kids shop here. If you're looking for a pre-worn pair of fishnet thongs, look no further.
Hot Topic should start selling guns and Pro-Suicide stickers to rid the world of asshats.
by Mat Brooks October 18, 2004

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