its just a fucking store.
seriously, come on.
you dont have to be emo/skater/goth/punk to shop there. or you can be. either way it doesnt matter.
they sell some cool stuff. they sell some stuff thats not cool.
its your opinion. if you dont like it then dont fucking shop there. end of story.
person: emo!! you shop at hot topic
me: and you shop at hollister..shut the fuck up.
by slutface :) October 18, 2007
Hot topic is a store, found in many malls, that sells things from Lordi shirts to Foster's home for imaginary friends shirts, black studded bracelets to pink jelly bracelets. They sell a lot of type of jeans in styles and colors hard to find other places. people say that its over priced, but most of the shirts are like $10-$15. shirts at other places are like $20-$40. Also, where else can you find skinny jeans for like 30 bucks? I shop there occasionally to get a band shirt or a shirt with a funny saying like "Don't Piss Off The Voices". I've seen some 5th grade girls looking like prostitutes in there, and ive seen a 6 ft 4" guy with long hair skinny jeans and eye liner, who definitly wasn't a "poser". I think people should shop where they like, not where every one at school likes.
Me: Wanna go to Hot Topic to get some sweet band shirts?
My friend: Yeah sure what bands do they have
Me: Postal service to marilyn manson
by ilovetehchiodos September 04, 2007
a store where people shop. people who think they shop their seem to think they are diffrent. that they are "scene". but really and truly being an individual is a cliche. emos, scenes, they are all the fucking same you all wear skinny jeans, you have black hair thats covering one eye, you wear ALOT of eyeliner, you go to shows, you claim your life is hell when you live in a nice area, you have 2 parents, and your probably the only child. your not a fucking individual if you shop at hot topic your simply a person who shops. okay i shop at hottopic...alot. i have band shirts but thats about it my hair is brown, i wear loose jeans they are actually a size too big, my hair is always in my face (covering BOTH eyes) i dont go to shows, i dont listen to TBS or Dasboard confesional . i know im not an individual which is why i dont claim i am. no matter what image your trying to get, there is ALWAYS going to be some one else doing it too.
if you were the only one who shoped at hot topic there wouldnt be a hot topic :)
by iseeithowitis June 19, 2007
hot topic is a store you find at like every fucking mall in america...and in my oppinion...its a good one. people dont go there to rebel...they go there cuz the clothes are cute and they like that style just like the same reasons some ppl shop at abercromie & shit and hollicrap. everyone has different taste. the only reason why hot topic is considered rebellious & unique is b/c they dont sell over priced crap that says the stores names across the chest and butt...everyone who shops there happens have different styles from eachother if u havent noticed.they have good clothes so deal.
hey lets go into hot topic to buy a band tee or something b/c i dont wanna advertise a shitty store across my chest or ass.
by Br0k3nT3nsi0nz x 4 May 02, 2007
A store where people of the Punk/Goth/Emo cliques go to shop. Shopping at this store, doesn't mean you are unique..but it doesn't mean you aren't. Yes, some of their clothes are expensive, but it's tons cheaper than Hollister or Abercrombie. This store makes nobody a poser. It's there for people who really want to look, "this way" to buy clothes. Considering their are no other actual "punk" stores. Whereas every single store has "prep" clothing.
- - There is nothing wrong with Hot Topic - -
by Brittany000 May 24, 2005
A company that I own stock in and made tons of money off because the stock has split several times since I bought it. I'd like to thank all the 16 year olds who shop there. When I take my next vacation, and I'm reclining in the first class cabin, I'll propose a toast just for you.
Look, Hot Topic's stock split again. Let's sell some of it and go someplace exotic!
by Mike February 29, 2004
'rebellious' store owned by The Gap. ultra-expensive and no better than thrift stores. Intended for 13 year old girls that are trying to express their creativity and rebellion with a credit card and the same fucking clothes as everyone else.
Hot Topics clothes are made in sweatshops. assembled by underpaid/overworked small children in Mexico/Asia.
by mer August 06, 2003

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