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A store catering to those who are partial to alternative fashion. Everyone has been at one time and 'normal' people are usually there more often than the alternatively-inclined ones.
Scene Kid-I go to Hot Topic
Emo Kid-I go to Hot Topic
Jock-I go to Hot Topic
Chav-I go to Hot Topic
Goth-I got to Hot Topic
Middle class Adult-I go to Hot Topic
by GothicMeow November 11, 2010
A place where no one should be judged. I've read some really jerky stuff from really lame-ass people about how much people who shop there are freaks and posers. Hot Topic is a store where ANYONE can go. Whether you like Hollister or despise it, you can still go to Hot Topic. It's not like preppy kids are banned from the frigging store!!!! However, I feel 10 times more welcome in Hot Topic becuase no one there JUDGES me, unlike Hollister where I walk in and there is some skinny blonde bitch at the register who thinks she's all that giving me a nasty look like "Ew. who let that freak in here?" Thats the main reason I don't go in there. Becuase those asshole employees give me dirty looks. I know I don't belong in Hollister. People like me go to Hot Topic. If you don't lke Hot Topic, then walk past it in the mall and SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!!
kid #1: You know, I don't think we belong in Hollister. That blonde bitch at the cash register is giving me a dirty look.

kid #2: Yeah. Let's get the hell outa here and go to Hot Topic. We won't get that nasty look in there.
by insanejanie March 22, 2010
A store.
I got a shirt from hot topic today
by Lucifers Angel January 21, 2010
The most badass clothing store in the history of the world. Hot Topic sells darker and more non traditional clothing and accesories than some other stores. Some of the prices may be over the top, but if you look you can find things for less money that are totally badass. XD
Friend: Hey, where did you get that awsome studded bracelt?
Me: Where do you think?
Friend: Hot Topic?
Me: Oh yes!
by Vampire Chick August 13, 2009
It's a store. Get the FUCK over it. Also, your mother's cavernous vagina.
Guy 1: Man, I went into your mother's cavernous vagina the other day and found these great pants!
Guy 2: Wait... what?
Guy 1: I mean fuckin Hot Topic man! God. Queero.
by Titty sprinkles. June 24, 2009
a store in which people shop. there is nothing wrong with the people that shop there or the people who don't shop there. People can buy from there if they want to, or people cannot. it is a store where some people like to get clothes. end of story.
"let's go to Hot Topic."

"That's alright, you can go ahead and go in there if you want to."

"Ok. See you later! We'll meet up at the Foodcourt after I'm done."
by caytay. March 12, 2009
just a store in the mall where they sell some nice band shirts

sure theres a shit load of posers but who gives a fuck
I went to hot topic the other day and got this cool slayer shirt.
by metal horse June 17, 2008