Clothing store that sells cool-looking but very poorly made clothing that gives a goth, geek, or otherwise non-conformist appearance.
It's too bad that that flippin' awesome 1UP shirt I bought there less than a year ago was completely destroyed by one cycle in the washing machine.
by Chaltab March 04, 2005
Hot Topic is not Punk Rock!
Hot Topic is not Punk Rock!
by Anon38997 August 06, 2010
A store overly thought at as a store for goth, punk, emo, etc... when infact its a store that is supposed to be "all about the music" And it was (and still is) a place to find clothing and other items that most other stores (A.E. gap, etc...) dont sell.
Wow. Hot topic sell all kinds of music T's. Anything from punk to screamo to even Willie Nelson and N.W.A.
by Bob210 November 12, 2006
an open room with clothes on the walls, also known as a store. if you don't like it, don't shop there. if you do like it, do shop there. and if you think you can't shop there because you already own clothes from abrecrombie then you have alot of growing up to do.
kid 1: this shirt is from hot topic, the pants are from hollister.
kid 1: get over yourself.
by i have boobs& a vag. September 26, 2005
A large clothing franchise marketed as the "anti-Abercrombie" but is in fact owed by the same corporation.

This company exhibits brilliant marketing strategy by appealing to those who want the opposite of many adolescent consumers but are at a point in life in which truly original style is too difficult and dangerous to try. Thus, Hot Topic's "anti-style" style.

It is worth noting that both Abercrombie and Hot Topic, among most high-end clothing stores, import their products from third-world factories that frequently depend on sweatshop labor and the employment of young children.
Poster's note: If you are looking to make a statement regarding the clothes you wear, consider doing it in a way that is not at a child's expense.
by the woolster February 16, 2005
A ridiculous mainstream store with obscenely high prices. Kids who shop there often think that they're being "cool" and "original". Reality is, the store exploits anything that was left original of the underground culture. So it's simply another shitty store where your 12-year-old neighbor can get her Jack Skellington beanies and her Emily Strange t-shirts.
"Hey, let's go to Hot Topic."

"Hey, let's not."
by Billy Spastic October 18, 2008
Hot Topic is the epitomy of consumer culture and a massacre of the spirit of punk rock by pre-manufacturing the clothing and accutraments that used to be made by hand. If you shop at hot topic, realize that there are thousands of other kids out there with the exact same clothes as you, and you are not origianl, and you never will be. You just want to be attention-getting and have people pay attention to you even though your mommy has made you peanut butter and honey sandwiches since the time you were 5 and kisses you every night before you go to sleep in your goddamn giant-ass house in Beverley Hills!!!!!
"Mommy, will you give me money so I can buy bondage clothes at Hot Topic?"

"Of course honey. Just remember to tie your corset tight."

"I love you mom."

"I love you too sweetie"
by Rostoprovich March 01, 2007

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