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Doing a pass through a bar or nightclub to see if there are any fit girls worth taking home.
"Yo Blake, where do you wanna go next."
"Lets go do a lil Hot Lap through the Sandtrap, to see if there are any honey dips worth bangin out tonight"
by Gallagopher April 29, 2008
When skiing or snowboarding, taking "hot laps" in the park involves flowing through the park quickly without stopping, riding right to the lift, and repeating. you can get much more park in this way. and its hella fun.
Well hurry up, cause were takin hot laps!
by bordr17 January 29, 2011
When taking a dump your turd completes at least one full lap around the interior of the toilet bowl.
I haven't shit in three days, I was so backed up I ran two hot laps
by steve sanders November 26, 2006
Taking an unnecessary, gas-wasting, speed lap around the lake after you finish taking people tubing to show off your speedboat's muscle.
Hey look! There goes Myke taking another hotlap...
by Timbo Slyce August 31, 2010
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