Extremely foul smelling fart, usually created by a mix of beer and foods including but not limited to garlic, broccoli and beans, that slowly creeps across a room and lingers in the nostrils. Usually of the Silent but Deadly variety. Reminds you of the vicious, rotting scent of your trash cans waiting to be picked up on the hottest day of summer.
My stomach is a mess today- can you smell that hot garbage?
by Cleo Patra July 06, 2006
Top Definition
horrible music that somehow becomes popular
I cant believe that Hot Garbage is on the radio...
by DowntownKB August 06, 2009
This is a person who has a sloppydemeanor and/or does not take care of themselves properly, but is found to still be attractive despite their garbageways.
Brtholomew: Hey Samsonite! Check this girl out. Looks like she got in a fight with a cougerin a mud wrestlingpit, but she's kind of hot.

Samsonite: Yeah man, she is straight up hot garbage.
by Manykains October 06, 2009
The really nasty uncomfortable morning breath after a night of drinking and smoking.
Bob woke up with a hangover and said dam! my breath stinks like hot garbage.
by random choch August 28, 2003
Hot garbage is the smell of your jock/underwear after a day of labor.
"Holy fuck! I just took off my underwear and it smells like hot garbage!"
by jdog1096 May 11, 2005
a girl who at one time was extremely good looking..... and then became a slut...but is still good looking
hot slut walks by...

Look at that piece of Hot Garbage
by Slovak_Ghost July 14, 2008
The result of receiving head from a girl who is beyond intoxicated resulting in regurgitation on the cock and balls region.
I was getting head from the drunk chick at the party and she blew the hot garbage on me.
by nolte32 August 24, 2008
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