A young lady living in cincinnati whose belly gets particularly warm while sleeping. Hot belly is good to cuddle up against. She is also hot in the sexual sense.
Damn hot belly, your belly's on fire!
by ss February 07, 2005
Top Definition
EMS slang term for internal bleeding into the abdominal cavity, most often as a result of a ruptured spleen following a MVA. Symptoms are reduced blood pressure, severe abdominal pain and tenderness, bruised abnormally warm distended abdomen.
"We have a 23y/o male who was involved in a high speed MVA with moderate to severe damage to car, patient was a unrestrained driver with a hot belly. Patient has left rib and shoulder pain with bruising, abdomen is distended with Left Upper Quadrant pain. Vitals are 100/56 with a pulse rate of 120 GCS of 12. Patient has an IV and blood-y established and is in c-spine"
by sickbxy December 11, 2008
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