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Hot Fire- adj.
1.Meaning good shit
2. Of excellent quality
3. What "Dylan Spits"
originaly used in the old days of rap.
Became main stream when used on the David Chapelle Show.

OK susan? do you know what it means now?
AYO that shit is "HOT FIRE"!

YO, this hydro is "HOT FIRE"!

HEY Wyclef, do you want some of this "HOT FIRE"!?!
by ICEMAN from Longmeadow December 05, 2004
The word hotfire is used to express how cool something is, how original, or how custom the item is.
"Yo son, that shit is hotfire!"
by Kyle Ordans July 13, 2005
to sayhot fire means that you find someone amazingly attractive most commonly used in north london the phrase is developing in new york usa however they not only use it to describe someone being phyically fit they also use it to describe just about anything they like and/or find interseting.
jemal- you coming into town later?
brooky- nah mate am going town tonight
jemal- who with?
brooky- oh man just this girl have been trying
jemal- yeah yeah whats she like?
brooky- HOTFIRE innit
jemal- nuff said
by rowanda February 09, 2008
1.) Ice's favorite past time
2.) Party with the captain
Ice is gunna Hot Fire tonight!
by Z-Rated December 06, 2004
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