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A kid who thinks he is a punk because he shops at Hot Topic but are not.
Some one who shops at Hot Topic and does not relly listen to Underground punk or old school punk but likes pop-punk
the kind of kid who gets all punked out by buying all their clothing from hot hopic.
"there goes an other hot topic punk. the baggy pants, a lame 'emily strange' tee shirt, converse, and black lipstick. wow. how rebelious..."
by yourmomgoestocollege March 07, 2005
Pretty much the worst insult any punk/hardxcore/goth kid can throw at you. Basically you're a spoiled, rich little poser who thinks they're hot shit because they buy pre-ripped, pre-faded $60 jeans to look cool. Hot Topic is the scourge of the punk/grunge scene.
"Dude, check out that hot topic punk, what a fucking poser"
by parkerDisaster December 24, 2008
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