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Pretty much the worst insult any punk/hardxcore/goth kid can throw at you. Basically you're a spoiled, rich little poser who thinks they're hot shit because they buy pre-ripped, pre-faded $60 jeans to look cool. Hot Topic is the scourge of the punk/grunge scene.
"Dude, check out that hot topic punk, what a fucking poser"
by parkerDisaster December 24, 2008
The feeling after a heavy night of crying, shouting, arguments, etc.
Symptoms include bleary eyes, neck aches from lack of sleep, headaches or a foggy feeling, slow movements, lots of big, slow, blinks, and feeling fat from eatin too much comfort food.
Best rememdy - Soft drink, bad tv and a shower.
Girl - "I had a massive fight with my boyfriend last night. I just feel so.. blah."

Friend - "Babes, emotional hangover big time. Come on, let's get you into the shower"

Girl - "That's what he said!" *crys*
by parkerDisaster December 06, 2008

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