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The act of taking a dump on a moldy tuna fish sandwich, putting it in a blender, adding the fecal matter of a 12 year old cat, and throwing up in it as you scrape it off onto a bright blue tarp. You than take the gooey substance and have you and a group of your 7 closest freinds do a circle jerk into it (you must have an 8 way climax). Cuff a long drawn out fart onto the disgusting mass, squeege a weeks worth of ball sweat and an M-80 into a rotten sock and smack an unsuspecting woman in the face, letting it explode on impact.
"Can you beleive it?! That guy just gave Stacy a Hot Rubin"
"What?! How is she?!"
"Well she has a massive shit burn on the side of her face!"
by Barry Hallsweat August 08, 2009
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