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An active weapon system such as a missile or bomb, or anything else that is ready for use by inference.

US Air Force slang, based on the fact that most air-dropped or -launched muntions are elongate like a dill pickle, and from the red button on the joystick used to fire theses weapons which resembles a slice of pickle found in burgers.
"With the target illuminated with a lser device carried by ground troops, the pilot activated the seeker head on the missile. 'Okay, I have a hot pickle, give me a go/no-go, FAC' he asked the Forward Air Controller"
by D F Stuckey July 10, 2004

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atrocious fashion disaster hot mess ugly unattractive
a person who looks bad in their style of clothing
oooo! she look a hot pickle!
by tor tor December 03, 2006
Some one that just plan out hot a hot mess. Something or someone just fucked up all the way around.

Basically Fucked up.

A fool.
Tasha looks like a hot pickle.

Whoever told her to where that outfit to church made her look like a hot pickle.
by U would like 2 know July 08, 2004