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When a guy takes a shit inside a girls vag and then cums on top of it to simulate whipped cream, can also be accompanied by genital mutilation so that the blood simulates cherries.
Marie Hoeft loves getting a hot pile of shit in her vag and also enjoys having a knife slashed through her folds causing her to bleed all over it, the crazy bitch calls it a Hot Fudge Monday.
by SomeOddCod January 23, 2010
the act of shitting on a womans chest, then proceeding to get off on it. then punching her so hard in the face that her nsoe bleeds. Resembles a hot fudge SUNDAY but normally done on mondays
That girl last night was a freak. she wanted a hot fudge monday so bads she could taste it
by JoshKirstinBen November 30, 2006
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