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When a gay guy farts on another gay guy's dick during anal coitus
When my boyfriend hot cross buns me, my dick gets so hot that I cum in his asshole.
by Aytan Goodman May 13, 2012
When two men fornicate, facing one another, with each man's dick curling past the other and into the anus. (Requires very long penises)
Rob: I don't wanna do you from behind any more, John.
John: Oh ok, lets do hot cross buns instead.
Rob: Sweet.
by Rylegh December 10, 2009
1.Another term for Fire crotch in which a woman or man has red hair in their pubic region.

2.A forest fire of the groin.
Girl: I wonder if Dan has hot cross buns to match that red fro on his head.

Other Girl: Do I even know you?
by KerriKerriCloudFace August 02, 2008

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