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When something is beyond cool and typical slang just wont cut it.
Jorge- Yo what's that thing in your hand?
Carolyn- That's that new apple iphone running that new app called Angry Birds
Jorge- Ohhhh Hot Bananas
Carolyn- Yeahhhhh
by SDizzle45 May 26, 2010
A sexual act in which a banana covered in hot sauce (used as lube) is inserted into someone's anus
I still can't sit down after that hot banana Mark gave me
by Maroux May 27, 2008
Another name for an erect penis.
Are you ready for the hot banana?
by ncbornokgrown August 07, 2014
Sometimes misused term for cool bananas. Originated JS London 2006.
That report you sent today was really hot bananas.
by Shalime December 04, 2006