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Hot Balls occurs when the testicles become overheated, causing extra drooping and unnecessary floppiness of the testicles. Often occurs in bed because of the consistent heating under the insulative properties of certain blankets.
Man, I woke up with a serious case of Hot balls this morning.

Also see: Slaw Balls or Hot as Balls
by Jc Dub November 10, 2005
When a man coats his testicles in Fireball liquor and tea-bags another person.
I totally hot balled that chick last night and she begged for more.
by Solasvegas January 17, 2014
To hot ball is the term for lighting a cigarette from the lit tip (cherry) of another.

Hotballing is the noun.
Example 1
"Hey do you got a light."

"Nah, just hot ball it."

Example 2
"Your light work brother?"

"It's too windy for anything but hotballing."
by gashkitoon October 30, 2009
an attractive institutional equity salesman that flexes his muscles a lot and parades around New York all the time
SB is totally Hot Balls
by _bananas June 17, 2011
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