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A name meaning "to be good" or "beautiful and nice", commonly found in Arabic, Persian or Semitic cultures.

A hot, horny and very SEXY man with an incredible large and sweet PENIS, if girls know it will fight for it :)
"What does sound nice?"
"Hossein semi-naked at the beach"
by Sophiestin February 12, 2010
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The most wonderful and happy guy in the world. Always a great smile on his face. Acts like he doesn't care, but really cares a lot.
He doesn't say easily: 'I love you'. A simple guy but very strange and hard to find. Himself isn't a large (big) man but has unbelievable enormous and beautiful Penis (WOWWW when it is erected)!
'What's your dream?'
'Sleeping with Hossein and play with his Penis!'
by Neljatte February 13, 2010
Hossein (n): A total beast.
Has an oddball sense of humour and always knows what everyone's really thinking.
'Dude, he's such a Hossein.'
'I know, right?'
by a paperclip thief February 07, 2010

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