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A portmanteau of the words hoe and Joseph, used to describe someone named Joseph who is a hoe and/or a tool.

Alternative definition: the pronunciation of the name Joseph by someone who speaks Spanish.
1: Hey Hoseph you're such a Hobosexual.
2: STFU n00b *proceeds to have sex with hobo*
by raulgomez April 02, 2010
A person named Joe or Joseph that tends to be a bit of a man whore of ho. Although totally awesome and "legit" a Hoseph is also a bit on the socially awkward side. He is cute in the same way a puppy is, but his bark has bite. Although he may get around the Hoseph is a one woman sort of guy. He is often characterized as a stereotypical "nice guy" and with a general disdain for tools.
Chick: Hey did you hear Claire is dating this guy named Joe. He totally gave her flowers the other night! It's weird he has a reputation for being such a man whore, I don't see it in him.

Other chick: He sounds like real Hoseph!

Chick: and how!
by Inferioryodel August 23, 2012
similar to the word "broseph".

= girl, ho, woman, girl, bitch, friend.
"I'm going out tonight with all my hosephs."

"Call me brosephs and hosephs."
by bill prickly July 03, 2006

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