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Stupid idea by (gay) Zack Latour
by Xenomorphs Suck! March 19, 2003

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hosing clean
To shoot somebody with a gun; shooting in such a manner that the target is either dead as a doorknob or unable to walk away.
Did you hear that Bernie in Seattle got hosed down last week?

I so want to hose down that dumb stupid enemabag, but I don't want to go to jail.
by Telephony September 14, 2010
to decrease in intensity;minimize
"Yo,hose that shit down!"
by Uru Momo November 07, 2003
When doing a girl you don't care for Hoe Blow it in her hair and then take a dump on her face!
"When I was doing that stupid hoe I gave her a hosedown!" ~ Zack Latour
by Zack Latour March 19, 2003