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Diarrhea, especially explosive diarrhea related to illness. This term originated in the South, most likely western North Carolina.
Closely related to "jet ass," a form of diarrhea often experienced in public bathroom stalls. (We've all seen the aftermath.)
"Hose ass" can also be used as an alternative form of the insult "asshole."
So, the doctor prescribed this bowel prep kit to drink before my colonoscopy, and it gave me a serious case of hose ass. My doctor, man... what a hose ass!
by Leah H December 19, 2006
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A form of mud butt with the added detriment of swamp ass. It is both uncomfortable and horrifically rancid.
Man it's so hot out. That bean burrito was a bad choice." "Yeah, I know what you mean. I have gas, but I'm terrified of squirting some hose ass.
by Vaginasaur March 29, 2011

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