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Horsefeathers Clothing

This is a Czech skating brand. They have an FMX, Snow, Skate and ski team. Like DC or any other skate brand, but its not mainstream at all maybe in Czech Republic.

See also Nugget Clothing, Funstorm, Represent, Meatfly, Fucking Weather, Vehicle (Clothing)
Do you have Horsefeathers? Yeah. :O
by Mr.Pranksta December 25, 2010
4 6
A term used in place of swear words, but with the same emphasis. Rooted at meaning "impossible," as horses obviously lack feathers.
Bush has resigned from his presidency? Horsefeathers!
by G. Thomas May 21, 2008
67 19
Makes no sence.
originated in the 1920-30's
(ex. Thats horse feathers)
by eep.. March 19, 2005
39 12
The fur at the coronet of a horse's hoof
Look at the beautiful flowing feathers on that horse.

In breeds such as Friesians, Clydesdales, Gypsy Vanners, etc.
by h0rse whisperer August 27, 2005
18 12
A politically correct substitute for horseshit.
That is a pile of horse feathers.
by Adam Henry July 01, 2005
17 13
A term used when someone needs a substitute for the word fuck frick or shit. A frustration reliever
ahh "horse feathers" I forgot to spoon with Josh & Sam last night
by Zack Morris March 03, 2005
1 9