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Is a Czech Skate brand. Its very durable and is made in czech republic. It isnt mainstream and is worn by many skaters.
Dude do you have Funstorm? Yeah Cool so nice!
by Mr.Pranksta December 25, 2010
Meatfly the Brno-based company founded in 1995, among which include a wide range of snowboards, apparel and accessories for the winter, pads, helmets, snowboard goggles, skateboards and components for them, and streetwear for spring and summer. New this year is the underwear.
Meatfly snow and skate
by Mr.Pranksta December 28, 2010
Horsefeathers Clothing www.horsefeathers.eu

This is a Czech skating brand. They have an FMX, Snow, Skate and ski team. Like DC or any other skate brand, but its not mainstream at all maybe in Czech Republic.

See also Nugget Clothing, Funstorm, Represent, Meatfly, Fucking Weather, Vehicle (Clothing)
Do you have Horsefeathers? Yeah. :O
by Mr.Pranksta December 25, 2010
Represent Company, Ltd. is engaged in producing their own collection of clothing and accessories for leisure was established in October 2000 in Prague. With its unique style quickly (around the period of 2 years) found a place among global brands. Given the focus on the target group of young people in particular is available in shops specializing in snowboarding and skateboarding all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia in many places.

See also: Horsefeathers, Fucking Weather, Nugget, Funstorm
Represent Four Seasons Clothing
by Mr.Pranksta December 28, 2010

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