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When a person is freakishly obsessed with horses that it causes them to loose focus on the real world. These people are known to have braided hair and wear cowboy boots when they are clearly not around horses. And they are socially akward.
Girl #1: Why is Heather crying?
Girl #2: Because the horse got shot in the movie...
Girl #1: The guy riding the horse died also!...
Girl #2: She doesn't care about humans...only horses!
Girl #1: Does she have Horsedisease?!?!?
Girl #2: hmmm well shes wearing cowboy boots to school...Oh and she has her hair braided! and she happens to be the most akward person ive ever met...So yeah she must have Horsedisease!
Girl #1: I hear you can't cure that...
by ParrotLuver January 22, 2011
some one who has a huge dick like a horse
that guy is walking funny he must have horse disease
by A. Madeira February 14, 2005
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