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An equestrian female who thoroughly enjoys posting pictures of herself with/on horses all over social media. The phrase is often pronounced and sounds best with a thick Boston accent.
(Two young men from the New York/Boston area)
Jimmy: Hey Tommy, what's wrong with that girl over there?
Tommy: Gee whiz, Jimmy! She's a fackin horse chick!
Jimmy: No wonder my twitta's been jammed with pictures of her with those ugly animals!
by Magic Mob June 17, 2013
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A girl, often slender and somewhat attractive who rides horses and talks about it constantly. She'll go out with her jockey clothes on smelling like shit and buying huge bags of carrots. The typical horse chick will have a condescending attitude toward people who don't own horses.
Damn, that chicks pretty fine. What the fuck is with those obnoxious boots and leggings, though?

Man, she's a horse chick, forget about her.
by Nelson Man Jello November 06, 2010
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n: A girl, usually tall and slender with long hair (often down the length of the back), who is obsessed with horses, possibly to the point of generating eyes that may appear to be crazed.
"She looks like a horse chick."
"How can you tell?"
"Because she has horse chick eyes."
by jagger27 January 20, 2012
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