horse turds
Son, you're a lookin' a little sickly. You been eating horse apples again?
by zachwolff October 17, 2003
Top Definition
Horse Shit
A Piece of shit from a horse.
I stepped in a horse apple.
by Mcrakin August 02, 2006
The large rough green inedible fruit of the Bois D'Arc or Osage-orange tree. No, horses do not eat them. Nothing eats them. They've even been used as insecticide. And the fresh sap in them is nearly impossible to get off of anything it gets on.

They're called horse apples because they're round and the same shade of green as fresh horse shit.

They exist for kids to throw at each other and raise big welts.
What the hell is this thing? It looks like a green softball.

It's a horseapple.
by Bryonia May 29, 2009
One of those strange, green, spiny fruits that only horses eat.
- What the hell is this green spiky thing?
- Oh, that's just a horse apple
by Juice Jones November 29, 2006
Really Old Horse Shit
Dude Thats Not A Rock, Thats A HorseApple ! ! Ya FUK
by Mike Deez May 28, 2005
Horse poo, scat, shit, doo-doo, turds, crap, etc.
Smart Person: Watch out for those horse apples!
Dummy: What?! Ew! I just stepped in poop!
Smart Person: Told you so.
by hellothereiamyou March 15, 2010
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