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(noun) The perception by other cultures and nationalities (particularly Europeans) of Americans as being over-sexed and sexually promiscuous. This characterization is based on the sometimes accurate belief that Americans demonstrate a crude, unrefined and an openly sexual style of engaging with others. This presentation of overly-sexual behavior towards other cultures is a direct result of an American citizen's perceived freedom and laissez-faire capitalistic environment which often blatantly promotes sexuality in order to increase profits.
I am hoping to meet up tonight with that Hornyrican with the big breasts. I will let you know how she was in bed tomorrow while we are on our fox hunt.


I would love to go to that disco tech tonight- but it is crawling with Hornyricans looking to screw some easy French pussy. I just want to relax, have fun with my warm beer and not have to deal with their obnoxious sexual innuendos.
by Sisterkaramazov April 20, 2013
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