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The awful bane of internet existence. Referring to those adds that will be on your side of your very important task. Typically those awful browser games that reveal fake animated women that are 3/4 naked and asking you to "Battle" with them.

Common people who are lured by the Snag Ads or the Cheap naked browser game ads:

1. 7 year old children who have no idea what a vagina is.

2. Horny 15 year olds who have nothing else to do with their time but beat it.

3. The kid who accidentally clicks one while he is "working" in computer class.

4. Your coworker who just got fired for "accidentally" clicking one on the job, but who was just trying to be Ballsy.

Common pictures used on these ads:

- A woman with pink hair, laying in a bikini like armor shit thing with jewels all over it with one hand is grasping a sword and one is right above her snatch.

- A woman seductively laying in jewel-ish armor of some shit.

- A dude in armor who is growling at the screen. (Wow! someone that is fully clothed!)

- A lady that looks like a queen who is on her knees and has a sword about ready to stab her boobs.

- An oily women tied to a tree in a bearskin bikini. (Jesus Christ, you horny bastards.)

Common phrases used in these ads:

- Click here to save the queen! (She looks like she's about to get fucked with a flaming log.)

- Once you're inside your friends won't be seeing much of you anymore! (Chances are if you click these intentionally you don't have any friends to start with.)
Mark: *Stumbles upon a Hornad while browsing the internet and gets a boner*

Wade: *Spots Mark and sees his computer monitor.*

Wade: Don't you do it you horny shit.
by Fuckin' Ian March 25, 2014
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