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Derived as a combination of the words "hoochie" and "floozie". A hoozie is a young, at least mildly attractive woman whose sole purpose to a man is sexual gratification.
"Is that Brendan's girlfriend?"

"No, that's just some hoozie he picked up at the laundromat last week."
by Lord Fuelfire July 15, 2004
This is a combo-word. Or, many words combined to give a new meaning. It is a combination of the definitions of the words below:

1. Hooker
2. Hussy
3. Floozy

Use the word HOOZIE when the above word(s) just aren't enough to describe a woman and her sexual promiscuity.

It is also used to define a woman who gathers her self-esteem and self-worth from other men wanting her in a sexual manner.

NOTE: Only a woman can be a hoozies. A man CANNOT be a hoozie. Just like a man cannot be a Hooker, Hussy or Floozy.
That girl is a total hoozie... this is the third time she went home with a different guy this week.

Or... (Inserert name here) cannot commit to one guy, she has to be out every weekend getting attention from other guys.
#hooker #hussie #floozie #slut #tramp #skank #easy
by Jeremiah the Prophet July 17, 2006
A girl who not only is a floozie, but one might describe as a whore
Wow...that girl is such a hoozie.
#floozie #whore #slut #cock-sucker #prostitute
by biggtotss February 07, 2006
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