when your hittin from behind on the floor and u reach out and knock the girl's arms out from under her, then "walk" foward on your knees with the chicks face in the carpet thus the name "hoover"
hey bro did you give her the dirty williams?
na, man the hoover
by 84swanga October 16, 2010
A mother fucker that sucks up all your weed and never chips in
Ay fuck jerry that niggas a fuckin hoover vacum lungs on my chit chip in nigga
by patrick r.2012 August 24, 2007
v. tr.; While engaged in sexual congress with another person in either the prone or animalian (see: "on all fours," slang) position(s), the act of simultaneously displacing the recipient of the sex act's front appendages, or that which at the time of execution is bearing the forward weight of said recipient, via a swift kick or otherwise effective movement, thus forcibly causing the upper torso and head of said recipient to fall to the ground, and raising the hindquarters, leaving said recipient in a partially inverted position. Following this, the sex act's performer seeks to manoeuvre the recipient around the immediate environment in a fashion similar to that of a Hoover vacuum sweeper.
"While he was tagging her from behind, he kicked out that bitch's front arms and hoovered her shit into the living room, where we all received our jollies as a result."
by Rex Griswold February 11, 2005
To suck a penis like a hoover vacuum and make a sucking sound...
Man i heard some loud noise this mornin and i walked in the livingroom and Megan was Givin Ryan a Hoover on the couch.
by jair941 March 22, 2007
To suck dick or eat really fast
Hoover it!
by Erin May 18, 2003
While banging a female or a diskin from behind you grab her/its hips and arms so that her face is sucking dirt off the carpet. A nice VRROOOOMMM is always appreciated by Diskin
So i was banging this horse once. It was sweet.
by Diskin is a man whore March 21, 2005
an insane blowjob where your partner sucks so hard - you need to pull the bed sheet out of your asshole
Man, she looks like a hoover machine! Go get some!!
by Lonx January 13, 2004

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