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when a woman holds a shot of alchohal in the middle of her bra. The person taking the shot moves up the woman's stomach with thier tounge and take the shot with no hands and then moves up towards her mouth where she holds a slice of a lime. the shot taker then has to suck on the lime.
"Dude, the other night i did a Hooter Shooters on this chick at the party!"
by hottie-65 February 23, 2010
A Can of soda or Beer that is transferred or temporally held between a woman's breasts.

Consumption of the beverage while still between the breasts is completely optional
Steve: Dude, that woman is holding a can of soda between her boobies!

Mark: That is a very nice Hooter Shooter.
by PlayBoyMan October 17, 2011
To place a shooter on a girls hooter and have everyone take turns sipping out of it
Yo dude check that hooter-shooter
by justin October 21, 2003
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