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Originating from Cody S, this term is used to describe anyone whos lame, square, a scrub or a person you dont want near your group. Hoot Mob can be used as a noun or an adjective. It also can be abbreviated to "Hoot."
1. Danny: "Those are the kids that dont drink or smoke and rat out the kids that do,"
Ryan: "Hoot Mob.."
2. "Can I get a hit of that?"
"Nah its just for me"
"Fuckin Hoot mob bitchass"
3. Vinny P
by DannyFlowz February 16, 2011
Originating in the 408, San Jose, California; this term can be used as a noun or an adjective. Hoot mob describes a person, group or object that is lame, straight-edge, a scrub or anything that you wouldnt want near your crew. When used as a noun it can be shortened to Hoot, usually used as a slight against someone or something.
Synonyms: Fag, Scrub, Loser
1) "Are those kids going to the party?"
"Nah those Hoots dont party"
2) "You're hella gay"

"Shut up you hoot mob queer!"
3) (If someone misses at beer pong)

"Nice shot ya Hoot!"
by Danny Flowz February 28, 2011

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