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Hoop-deeja vu is essentially deja vu with cars, usually beat up, trashy, ghetto, rusted out, rolling pieces of shit, a.k.a. a Hoop-dee, hoopty, or hooptie, or any generally recognizable car or driver.
Homie 1: "Yo, mane, I just seen some crazy shit."
Homie 2: "Yo, what happened, homie?"
Homie 1: "Bru, I just seen a busted ass hoop-dee roll by and then another one of them mutha fuckas that looked just like that shit went by after that. Shit was trippy, mane."
Homie 2: Word, damn, that's some major "hoop-deeja vu" right there, homie.
Homie 1: Mos def.
by CaCaCaCondomBreaker September 12, 2013
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