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An act of juvenile deliquency, financed by a ring leader known as a "Squard", that involves disrupting the orderly flow of automobile traffic by means such as:

1. Tossing water balloons or snowballs at oncoming vehicles.
2. Mooning.
3. Staging of fake fights on the roadside.
4. Placement of wooden or metal barriers to divert traffic.

An evening of Hoolicar generally concludes with a high adrenaline "Run from the Po-lice".
We were playing Hoolicar the other night and the cops were chasing me, so I hid behind a tree.

You guys wanna just sit here and play Space Invaders, or should we go out and play some Hoolicar?

I'm gonna ride my bike down to Alco and get some water balloons for Hoolicar.
by texshrader March 28, 2010
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