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Top Definition
An offensive term that refers to the manner in which Australian Cricketer David Hooks died after an altercation with a bouncer.

The 'hooksy' is a strike or punch (generally a hook) delivered to the side of the head, with intent to knock the opponent off balance and to the ground. Serious head injury is sustained from the impact to the ground, alot more severe then the initial blow.

Can also be used to describe a blow where the most injury was suffered from falling and not the actual strike. (i.e the killing blow was the fall to the ground and not the strike)

Generally used by bouncers, boxers, and other fighters.
"I gave old mate a hooksy, and he stayed down for good"
"I couldn't seem knock him out, so I cheated and gave him a hooksy"
by BloodMagus July 01, 2006
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