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a girl who 'hooks' guys she knows want to sleep with her, just so her own sexual needs get met.
God that girl is such a hookerfish! She slept with Carlos last week, and now she's with Adrian.
by somegirl7 October 23, 2010
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A hooker that smells like fish...which is pretty much every single one!
person 1: what's that smell?

person 2: That's just that hooker-fish over there

person 1: yupp that's the smell
by Swirlzzzzzz January 02, 2010
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A Person who pretends to be someone else (A Catfish) who proceeds to hook up with multiple people pretending to be said person. This person is flirtatious may send nude fake pictures and tell all victims that they love them.
Guy A: "Man She sent you those pictures too!"
Guy B: "So...Thats not really her?"
Guy A: "No apparently, This is Brittany and Elise was pretending be her"
Guy B: "We got Cat fished man"
Guy A: "No man she is a Hookerfish"
by Ulysses G. January 22, 2013
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a hooker whose twat smells like fish
Mary you're such a hookerfish
by marty1323 April 19, 2009
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