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The Art of Hookahridoo combines Aboriginal music with Eastern leisure activities. Begin by inhaling a large hit from your hookah. Then the Didgeridoo comes into play, which we will call the Hookahridoo.
There are two methods of hitting the Hookahridoo:
1) The Melodic = exhale while playing the Didgeridoo, producing a nice low tone while smoke bellows out of the end.
2) The Hookahriduo (WARNING: FOR EXPERTS ONLY) = Follow the Melodic hit sequence but have a fellow Hookahteer accept the generous gift of the shisha out of the other end of the Hookahridoo. This will allow the recipient to experience and enjoy and exhale this tandem hit.

1 - Melodic
Blake: Oh shit! I thought that was a bull frog!
Jason: Nah man. Didn't you see the smoke coming from the Hookahridoo?
Aaron: Yeah dude my hit was huge!

2 - Hookahriduo
(Blake takes hit)
Blake: Aaron you want this?
Aaron: I got to call Lacey.
Jason: Let me get the other end of that!
Blake: Alright. (Proceeds to exhale)
(Jason exhales)
Aaron: That hit made me light headed!
by The Three Hookahteers May 18, 2006
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