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Referring to a woman's vagina. A word used to refer to that area without using any vulgar terms that may affend.
"Oh my god my dress flew up you and everyone saw my hoohaa!"
by C. Wallace May 20, 2004
85 30
a woman's vagina or a man's penis.
When Sally did her cheerleading routine I saw her hoo haa for a hot minute.
by Scarlet April 14, 2003
86 46
A nice and sweet way of referring to a woman's privates.
1) You crazy Hoo Haa!
2) Stacy said she hadn't bathed for weeks and her Hoo Haa wreaks!
by LJT July 16, 2006
57 31
sweet pussy....another term for a vagina
she had the best hoohaa.
by ishtinay January 05, 2006
26 16
An inappropriate name for a Clark end-of-the-year BBQ.
"I can't wait until we can go to Clark's Hoo Haa and jump around in the bounce house."

"I heard Clark's Hoo Haas are lots of fun!"
by nastay nastay h April 26, 2009
42 35
Something you say after you tell somebody of a good achievment or when trying to show off.
Hey man, I got laid last night! HOO-HAA!

I am the man! HOO-HAA!
by johnnywang22 November 10, 2006
35 33
Term referring to awoman's breasts
That chick had some huge hoo haas
by Quan February 27, 2005
13 11