a girl that's a hoe. she's been when everybody nigga in the hood. also a ugly ass girl who fights other females because they are jealous of them and know they won't be anything. basically a girl who fights and fucks all the time.
The hoodrat already fucked every nigga on this block.

All that hoodrat do is fight other females because she jealous of them and ain't got nothin better to do with her life.
by Le Le June 04, 2005
A girl that only puts out to guys that drive nice cars.
He got some with the hoodrat because he has a sports car.
by James March 23, 2003

A man slag who has 2481956892168 hoes and is extremely promiscous.

Can usually be found on the streets of plymouth advertising his business.
hectic bruv, hectic.. lukie is such a hoodrat that he had 213 hoes at one time last night
by Katy B January 27, 2008
1. A college girl who sleeps around with only frat guys and only has 5 criteria for atire, 1: a black northface jacket; 2: black tights; 3: uggs; 4: a pink razor phone; 5: giant sunglasses. They are very snotty and think they are better than everyone else. They can also be called frat rats.
"That bitch is such a hoodrats"
"everywhere i look i see hoodrats
by casualty389 December 06, 2007
Greasy add dude you would find on the side of the road. Kind of like the rats you find under the hood of a car in a junkyard. Came up with after being pissed off at hoodrat guys trying to get girls.
Man that dude is a hoodrat.
by James Cornwell April 19, 2005
anything awesome or epic
-guy wins a million dollars "yo man thats so hoodrat"

-guy no scopes a noob all the way across the map "pretty hoodrat man"

by ivor the engine driver. January 19, 2009
Anything you want it to be. its not being racist or anything like that. You can call the a rat too.
Fucking hood rat
Your a hoodrat
by na myt December 08, 2010
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