hoodrat; any human creature containing the sex chromosome (XX); simply stated all woman are hoodrats and this is backed by a study conducted by all men who have had there hearts broken...and the survey says-

3 out of 3 woman are hoodrats no exceptions....even my own mother is a hoodrat
half the girls i sleep with have boyfriends....hoodrats
by the guy that stole your girl December 17, 2009

A man slag who has 2481956892168 hoes and is extremely promiscous.

Can usually be found on the streets of plymouth advertising his business.
hectic bruv, hectic.. lukie is such a hoodrat that he had 213 hoes at one time last night
by Katy B January 27, 2008
Anything you want it to be. its not being racist or anything like that. You can call the a rat too.
Fucking hood rat
Your a hoodrat
by na myt December 08, 2010
Poor people who live in ghetto hoods. They make money getting payed off to be quiet or to rat about crimes they witness. Sometimes they're just murdered into silence.
Guy number 1-
"Let's bribe that hoodrat before the cops get to him so he doesn't talk."
Guy number 2-
"He didn't honor my bribe last time, let's take him out."
by tokyoaftermath November 22, 2009
a cool chick who loves her boyfriend..
TMC is not a hoodrat!
by Tmcccc May 04, 2009
Another slang term for a women's vagina.
Gee, check out her hood rat...
by Veeka May 25, 2005
1. A slut, a teenage girl who has slept with every guy in "hood," the village bicycle (everyone's had a ride).
2. A teenage girl, raised in the hood who plucks out all her eyebrows and pencils them in, wears dark lipliner with pale lipstick and gives herself piercings and tattoos. Most notably referred to by The Hold Steady in their song "Your Little Hoodrat Friend."
1. Everyone's been with Marla; she's a total hoodrat.
2. Your little hoodrat friend's been calling me again. And I can't stand all the things that she sticks into her skin.
by copperboom May 08, 2007

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