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A type of sandwich containing Peanut Butter, Cheddar and Cucumber
That crazy Turkish guy is always eating Hooba Sandwich's
by simba84 July 30, 2008
19 9
Elephant wiener
Did you see that hooba it was huge
by Johnboy145 February 04, 2014
1 0
A name that you call somebody if they for a variety of reasons, or for not reason at all.
'I asked him if he could go, but he said he was 'busy'.' "Wow, what a hooba."
by HoobaDooba2 December 07, 2010
5 8
A "nigga" of sorts
See "Boy"
Wass crackin' hooba? we smokin t'night?
by Anhedoniac June 09, 2003
21 36