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1. A word to exclaim loudly in the middle of class, esp. during presentations, exams, announcements, etc., and used to annoy other people by repeating constantly. ***pronounced with a prolonged whine at the end***
2. A name for an annoying middle school guy of any race or shape, equivalent to a douchebag.
Teacher: "Today we will learn about World War I... please take out textbooks and turn to page one hundre-"

Student: HonYUUUUUU!

Teacher: *glares at student* "Page one hundred twelve, class. Read until the end of the chapter."

Multiple Students (as the class reads): "Honyu! HON-YUUUU! Honyyyyyyuuuuuuuuu!"

Dominick: "Dude, that kid Aiden is so cool! We should ask him to play some ball with us sometime!"

Ben: "No way, man! He's a total Honyu."
by Kari-K February 06, 2014
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