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A female honkey of the species.
Shanequa: "Check out dat sh*t. Some pastey mayo eatin' honkstress be tryin' to steal mah man....Jo'Mayne, get yo ass back over here before I goes off on you. As fo you, bitch...I'm bouts ta go buzz saw on yo ass!
by PokeChop April 13, 2008
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a honkeys mistress or partner on honktastic gangness
always a woman of tall stature obviously able to overpower the leader yet is loyal and bounces for a majority of the time ( never flat chested ) can be found mainly in the south
Honkey leader : wheres mah honkstress?!
Honkstress : *bounces along* right here honkah!
Honkey Leader : damn straight!
Leader and Honkstress : *honkey fists*
by Honk Maestro July 26, 2006

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