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A female who is supercool, awesome, and always smiles. Learning the Piano and Break dances with a passion.

She will froogle and bite people.

She loves Canadian nerds,and likes to lik their face.
Boy 1: Yo, what do you think of that short girl over there? The one who keeps shouting loud and wearing the booty shorts.

Boy 2: Oh her? I think she's a Honeylet.
by Woofster May 19, 2009
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A girl who gets enough backpacks to wear a different one every day of the year.

Also a girl that has a chode and stuffs her chode in her boyfriend's chode. Obviously very desperate for sex.
girlfriend: hey honey, i have a secret to tell you.
boyfriend: really? i thought you told me ALL your secrets.
girlfriend: not this one.
boyfriend: well then lets hear it. im glad you're telling me this.
girlfriend: i am a honeylet.
boyfriend: ...let me go pack
by Wachabi May 15, 2008

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