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n. a place to go to get high or have a good time without having to worry about the police
an abandoned building
by Chick-N-Bone July 18, 2005
A place 2 kick it with friends, gettn high as a motha fucka. Away from police & drama....
"Ay mane lez go down to tha honeycomb hideout"
"we gettn bitches?"

"hell yeah we gettn bitches...& sum weed 2...damn"
by Juice Mane August 23, 2007
a house where you take girls or throw partys with no limits
a house like the crib somewhere you and yo patna's or yo gurl just hang or if you throw a party u know just somewhere theres no limits like" ayy we throwin a party at the honeycomb hideout"
by wananias March 11, 2008
The bubble shield in halo 3.
Yo quick get in the honeycomb hideout before you die.

They ain't hittin me with a grenade I'm all up in this honeycomb hideout.
by C to the J from the P to the A February 21, 2008