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The most amazing girl in the world! She's sexy, sweet, and funny! She is my best friend in the entire world, and I'd do anything for her! Anyone who doesn't like her should be dead. She is the nicest person I know with the sweetest personality. Being a Honey Bee is a rare and beautiful quality.
-That girl's a Honey Bee.
-No shit, she's amazing!
by showjumper656 December 06, 2011
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A term used to describe a straight woman who is best friends with a gay man. Less derogatory than fag hag. See also fruit fly.
This girl's my Honey Bee, 'cause I'm the Queen!
by Miss Honey Bee June 19, 2010
A girl (or guy if gay) who seeks to nourish themselves on the "honey" from the "honeypot". The honey is cum and the honeypot is the cock.
"I need my nourishings for the night."

"Honeybee, I've saved up a lot."
by AnnabelleAA January 21, 2009
Coined in the book "Fools Die", a honeybee is referred to as a one-hundred dollar bill used to pay off prostitutes.
Always give her a honeybee before you send her on her way.
by Matt Seidler October 07, 2005
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