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An endearing term for a close friend
I knew I could count on you Homus, you're the best.
by Sausi June 14, 2007
A male/female that had a sex change
I know a homus.
by Ralph Tycz July 27, 2012
A male/female who got a sex change.
My cousin is a homus.
by Ralph Tycz July 27, 2012
when you are working in gourmet city or any other educated deli hommus has two meanings one a dip thats yellow and yum at gourmet city. The other meaning is a way of calling a chcik hot we say homus so we dont get caught cheking chicks out.
can you fill the hommus in the deli up p.s come to gourmet city c if your homus.
by gourmet city hommus watcher April 14, 2009
homosexual, gay
That's so homus of you.
You're such a big homus.
by Holmdel August 18, 2003
something that is bad, or boring, or unliked.
bro that trick u just did was homus
by rangakid395 April 04, 2011
A Homo, A Homosexual. Not neccesarily a gay person, a dickhead.
Prounced : Homm-us
Actually gay: "Yeah, Johnny is a homus."
Jus' a Dickhead: "Jack is such a fucking homus, alwayz gettin' up in yo' shit."
by Diego September 03, 2003

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