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To painfully demonstrate that you know nothing about homosexuals, with thoughtless comments and actions. This term especially applies to people who make homophobic remarks in the presence of a Gay person. Such remarks are often made with the assumption that no homosexuals are actually present to witness their painful lack of social graces. In the real world, it pays to know something about homosexuals. Ignorance can be expensive.
Example #1: Saying to Bob (your Gay neighbor), "Hey, thanks for returning my mail again. Our new mail carrier keeps putting my mail in your box. What a stupid fag!"

Example #2: Saying to Joe (your Gay boss who is thinking about giving you a promotion), "You know, I hate to sound like a gossip but Jack, our new sales rep, is such a homo. I think he's been checking you out. Talk about Jack Nasty. Just wanted you to know...I already warned the rest of the guys in our department to watch out in the men's room for our new little crotch hawk."

Example #3: Saying to your hair stylist (the proud mother of a Lesbian daughter) "Can you believe those two woman on TV want to get married? It's like they want special rights or something. Talk about the wrong family values!!!"

Example #4: Making homophobic jokes in front of your (Gay) waiter with your bros after a game.

Example #5: Commenting to a (Gay) toll collector as a car with a rainbow sticker drives away "Guess they're everywhere. Hope they go back to Brokeback Mountain and stay there. By the way, how do I get back to my hotel?"

Example #6:

John: "You know Shelly keeps hitting on Jeff at work."

Wayne: "Yeah, you would think she would leave him alone. He keeps a picture of a guy on his desk. The way it shows them holding hands does not say 'brother' to me."

John: "I know for a fact that Jeff has been living with that guy for years. Sorry to say Shelly is more than a little homostupid."

by Happy Wolf January 20, 2007
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