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A state of extreme paranoia on the part of a straight person (usually a man) about homosexuality. Sometimes this is felt by the straight man when known homosexuals are present, when said straight man is under the delusion that being gay means that you can't keep your hands to yourself.

Other times, however, homoneuroticism manifests itself in extreme frigidity and irritability at ANY display of male to male or brotherly affection.
Example of the Homoneurotic state: (person B)

A: Alright mate! Haven't seen you in fucking near 6 months! *claps on shoulder*

B: Dude... don't touch me; it's gay.
#paranoia #homophobia #frigid #neurotic #stupid
by Zarathustratosphere September 17, 2010
1 Word related to Homoneurotic

1. flustered gay person; perturbed homosexual.
THAT faggot was totally homoneurotic, doncha think?
#gay #homosexual #anxious #fag #faggot #nervous #neurotic #neurosis
by benignancy September 15, 2010
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