Top Definition
The act of time traveling and having sex with oneself.
Marty McFly missed his opportunity for homoincesturbation
by ingut February 19, 2013
The process of cloning and engaging in sexual intercourse with said clone.
That homoincesturbationist can go fuck himself.
by Jonopants March 22, 2013
The act of having sex with your clone. It is the combination of incest, masturbation, and homosexuality. Can potentially and technically, mean twincest as well, if identical twins are involved.
You are the clone of your original and you find yourself naturally attracted to him/her. So you have sex. The homoincesturbation was excellent.
by EpicLord September 03, 2012
Having sex with your clone
Did you know that having sex with your clone is Homoincesturbation?
by binsky89 September 03, 2012
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