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Homework Recovery; trying to regain time management skills and homework knowledge. Is caused due to long periods of procrastination, seasonal breaks (i.e. Winter/Summer break), and a subject with a significantly decreased amount of homework for a period of time (i.e. reading a novel then switching back to a textbook).

Homework Recovery is incredibly hard to reach and can take up to months. Can also resort in severe lack of knowledge which often leads to failing quizzes/tests. Projects as well suffer from Homework Recovery.
You get your project done?

Oh shit, that's due tomorrow, isn't it?

Yeah. Haven't you hit Homework Recovery yet? It's February.


Oh man, I'm failing Algebra.

Tell me about it, I bombed 4 tests.

Ugh. I really need to hit Homework Recovery soon.
by Elitexf7 January 31, 2011
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